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Flowpark Vierumäki

Flowpark is suited for different kind of groups. Pre-competence is not needed, every person will be instructed to flowparking before the tracks. In Flowpark you get to develop team spirit and coordination, encourage others and try your limits, compete playfully, have fun and exercise. Working together and enjoying the outdoors will refresh and excite! Release your inner monkey!

Flowpark is open to be reserved for different kinds of groups throughout the year. Whether you are planning a recreation day for your company, a school field trip, a bachelor/bachelorette party, a birthday or a day with your friends, flowpark is possible to be reserved for an active day for groups of 10–100 persons.

Now also a new group course! Group course is a track where you need teamwork. The tasks at the track are designed so that you need people up on the track and people down on the ground to help them.

Flowpark is also available to be reserved for private use for your group.

For reservation and any questions please contact our sales department:

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Phone: 010 5777 012 or 010 5777 011