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What is Flowpark

Flowpark – The best way to spend your leisure time

Flowpark is an ecological adventure park where you can test your courage. Adventure courses have been built on living trees without harming them. You may solve numerous tasks even at a height of twenty meters. Different tasks refer to ropeways, including swaying paths, liana jumps, swings and cable slides. Every Flowpark is unique, so there are no two identical courses. Flowpark has been meant for people of all ages full of adventure spirit – there is a challenge for any ordinary guy as well as for experienced ‘wilderness foxes’!

You don’t need to have any advance skills for the Flowpark courses. You’ll be instructed how to use the equipment and how to act on the courses before you are allowed to enter the actual courses. Every customer will complete a test course, and after he or she has passed it, he or she is allowed to adventure independently on the courses. One proceeds on the courses continuously connected to a safety cable wire. Take a look at the safety instructions beforehand.

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The story of the birth and growth

Flowpark Oy has been founded in 2009 and it is owned by Janne Kalhama and Antti Puro. The story has its origin in the idea of two fellows in Turku who wanted to combine things they considered valuable: interest in sports, exercise and outdoor life, social relations and relationship with friends, as well as ecological values.

Based on these values, the very first adventure park came into being in Finland; a park where everyone can test his or her limits, to challenge him- or herself and to have fun participating in an adventure full of exercise and activity. During the years Fowpark has extended into the largest adventure park chain in Finland. Besides the actual parks, Flowpark Oy arranges, for example, rope ladder climbing and zip lining in different events. From Flowpro you can read more about Flowpark Oy:s other projects and construction team.

Flowpark Oy is Finland’s representer in the European expert group that sets the pan-European standards and conventions for the operation of adventure parks. Safety and environmental considerations are always a priority for Flowpark Oy. From the very beginning of its activities, Flowpark has paid special attention to environmental matters. Our aim is to be a forerunner and an example as an ecological way of spending one’s leisure time. In Flowpark the driving force of the real action is a person him- or herself!

Values and principles

Flowpark's values and principles

We at Flowpark appreciate the physical exercise, outdoor life, an active and courageous approach to life, taking the environment into consideration and doing things together. The following principles shall be adhered to in the activities of Flowpark:

  • Safety, which will be taken care of by means of advance planning, by instructing customers carefully, by safety instruction, by training the staff and by regular inspections.
  • Commitment to sustainable development, which will be taken into account in daily routines and in the planning of the business activities.
  • Customer satisfaction will be ensured by means of cheerful and happy service and by focusing on listening actively to customers’ wishes.
  •  Continuous development of the operation and sales is based on both customer feedback and development ideas provided by the staff; we also encourage openness and interaction.
  • Commitment to the valid applicable legislation and continuous follow-up of changes and development taking place in the environmental legislation.

Flowpark is not just an adventure park. It is much more. Welcome to Flowpark!