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Safety instructions

The customer must always read and sign Flowpark safety instructions before purchasing the entrance ticket. You will also find the safety instructions on Flowpark ticket sales.

The standards SFS 15567-1 and SFS-EN 15567-2 define the safety norms for the structure and safety requirements of adventure trails and their operating requirements are adhered to in the building and operating of the Flowpark trails. The condition of the trails is inspected by means of regular routines, and they are maintained in accordance with a maintenance programme prepared in advance. As climbing equipment, we use the brand products supplied by well-known climbing equipment manufacturers, and they are inspected after every time they have been used. Additionally, all the equipment and trails must annually pass a complete condition inspection.

The printable safety instructions

Safety instructions for the adventure trails

These safety instructions contain obligatory regulations that all the users (hereinafter: “customer”) of Flowpark adventure trails must obey.

  1. A customer must be at least 120 cm tall (with the exception of the Kids’ trail where there is no height limit). Additionally, a customer must obey the height limit defined specifically for each individual trail (see the instruction boards for trails).
  2. Customers under 14 years must be accompanied by an adult, a customer who is at least of the age of 18 years, who instructs them on the adventure trails. One adult customer may guide at the maximum of four customers who are under 14 years. A grown-up supervisor shall be responsible for the fact that the customers of age under 14 that he or she supervises obey the safety instructions.
  3. The guardian of a person under 18 years must read the safety regulations and give his or her permit for the underage child to participate in an adventure.
  4. A customer is not allowed to take off the safety equipment when moving on the trails, but instead, he or she must wear them all the time when on the trails. A customer is not allowed to exit the Flowpark area with the climbing equipment. The equipment must be returned to the equipment delivery point when a customer finishes climbing. A customer is not allowed to hand the equipment he or she has rented over to another person. If the customer has to take the harness off e.g. to go to the toilet, he or she is obliged to ask the staff to inspect that the equipment has been put back on appropriately.
  5. A single ticket entitles a customer to use the trails in the park for an unlimited time during a single day during the opening hours of the park. The validity of a ticket expires when a customer leaves the park.
  6. It is forbidden to enter the adventure trails before a customer has been given the instructions needed for the use of the trails by the staff. Before going to the actual trails, a customer must prove on the test trail that he or she knows how to use the safety equipment correctly. One is not allowed to enter the adventure trails before the staff has granted him or her permit for that.
  7. A customer must take his or her own skills and mental state into consideration when adventuring. A customer must be sure that his or her physical condition is sufficient prior to enter the trails. A customer has the responsibility for evaluating his or her own shape. Flowpark does not recommend climbing for those who are pregnant.
  8. It is not allowed to enter the trails if you are under the influence of alcohol, medication or intoxicating substances. It is absolutely forbidden to adventure if you are ill.
  9. Flowpark has the right to prevent a customer from entering the adventure trails if the staff considers this person is not able to pass the trails in a safe manner due to his or her state or physical abilities. Flowpark’s staff has also the right to remove a person from the trails if he or she is found to cause risks to the structures, him- or herself or to other customers.
  10. The lifelines of the harness must be kept continuously connected with a closing ring to a safety cable wire or a safety link which have been marked with blue tape. When moving from a cable wire to another, one catch must be loosened first and connected to a new safety cable wire before loosening the other catch.
  11. The maximum of 3 persons is allowed to be at a time on the adventure trail platforms. 1-2 persons are allowed to be at a time in a task element. A sufficient safety distance (min. 3 m) must be kept to the person going ahead of you, and it is not allowed to disturb another person’s performance or make it more difficult in any way. An adult who is supervising a child, however, is allowed to participate with the child in a task without keeping a safe distance.
  12. A customer must obey all the instructions given by the staff as well as guides and orders placed along the trails.
  13. Flowparking is exercise, and you may get scratches and bruises in it. Accidents may also happen in it as well as in any other sports. Flowpark does not have any separate insurance coverage against accidents. Every customer should evaluate his or her own insurance coverage before entering the trails.
  14. Moving on the adventure trails may cause damage to a customer’s clothing or property he or she is carrying along. Flowpark does not bear any responsibility for possible damages to customers’ clothing or property or for them becoming soiled.
  15. A customer must use the equipment he or she has rented with care. A customer is not allowed to cause damage to the structure of the adventure trails. If the damage is caused to equipment or structures of the trails due to a customer’s negligence or deliberate action, he or she is liable to compensate the price of the equipment or the repair costs of the structure to Flowpark.
  16. The personnel of Flowpark shall have the right to order a customer to leave the adventure trails because of bad weather conditions. In this case, a customer must leave the trails immediately.
  17. An entrance fee that has been paid will be refunded to a customer only if the customer must leave the trails because of a reason attributable to Flowpark. In situations mentioned in sections 9 and 16, the fee shall not be refunded.
  18. Smoking is not allowed in the area of the park. Flowpark is a smoke free area.
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