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Flowpark Vierumäki

Vierumäki services

Fp Kartat 160x120 1
Light green = Kids’ course (no height requirement)
Green = Easy (minimum height requirement 120 cm)
Blue = Intermediate (minimum height requirement 120 cm)
Red = Difficult (minimum height requirement 150 cm)
Black = Extreme (minimum height requirement 150 cm)

Vierumäki is a versatile sports and leisure center, where you can do all sorts of things. Part of the family can for example go and play golf or tennis and part can go to flowpark. Groups can also do the same and divide in to different of activities. Guided Active Hours -classes are available for both adults and kids.

There is several different kinds of restaurants in the area. Whether it is a big or a small hunger everyone can find something! For example Sportti Kahvila and Greenin Kauppa&Kahvila you can find cold and hot beverages, snacks ice cream and sweets. Warm food is available from Wanha Sali and Resort&Kitchen which is located at the Vierumäki Resort Hotel. From the hotel you can also find Sport Bar where they serve for example pizza and hamburgers.

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Map of Vierumäki