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Flowpark Vierumäki

Park map and services

Vierumäki services

Flowpark Vierumäki map

Vierumäki is a versatile sports and leisure centre, where you can do a variety of activities. Part of the family can go to play golf or tennis for example and the other part can come to Flowpark. As far as groups are concerned, same can be done. However, watching your friends have a struggle on our more difficult tracks may prove to be a fun experience. We mean by supporting them and congratulating them when they have made it and given their all, of course! Guided Active Hours -classes are available for both adults and kids.

Food and beverages

There are several different kinds of restaurants in the area. Whether you are starving or have a craving for something more “snacky”, there are options for all of us.

I want snacks: For example in Tahko cafeteria and Greeni´s cafeteria you can find cold and hot beverages, snacks, ice cream and sweets.
I´m starving: Warm food is available in buffet restaurant Kaskela and Golf Paviljonki. Greeni´s cafeteria has also a salad bar and delicious pizzas, so choose your pick and fuel your adventure!

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Map of Vierumäki