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Flowpark Turku

Group occasions and service packages

Flowparking is suitable for a wide variety of groups—no prior knowledge is needed for all adventurers get instructed in the flowparking secrets before the actual course. Adventure lets you define team spirit, motivate others and test your limits. While playfully competing, you work out undetected and have fun. Doing things together and enjoying the fresh air enlivens. Unleash your inner monkey and put your coordination to the test!

Flowparking is also ideal for groups with special needs, as well as therapy and rehabilitation, and many who have tried climbing have gained a completely new experience.

We are open for groups outside the opening hours on request, send a booking inquiry or ask for more by filling the reservation request or via email. The Flowpark adventure park in Turku offers an active climbing day for groups up to 300 people.

It is good to take a look at the safety instructions and frequently asked questions before booking.


Flowparking brings a new kind of energy to corporate groups.

The climbing is adventurous and the fun of being together and enjoying the outdoors makes you cheer up. After the refreshing adventure, ideas run wild with brand new power. Along with adventure, both the spirit and the balance have developed. Come and find out your team’s Tarzan or Jane!

Flowpark has got challenges for everyone. We have categorized the courses into four different levels of difficulty—you’ll get through the easiest ones only if you dare to try and the hardest ones will require a bit more strength and flexibility. Access to the park is free, so even if you don’t dare to get on top of the trees, you can encourage co-workers from the ground up.

Organize a program for your workforce, a day of recreation, day of promoting well-being at work in a new environment, talent or team day, or a meeting at Turku Flowpark. Fill in the reservation request for more information.

Two co-workers going through a course in Flowpark

Field and club trips

School and student group and sports club tours offer new experiences.

At the eco-friendly Flowpark adventure parks, the activity is always powered by the climber. Fresh and energetic adventure improves balance and coordination and enhances the class spirit. Exercise and fun activity encourage you to try together.

Adventure trails of varying levels built on living woods and swaying up to 20 meters in height, provide the perfect challenge for all types of climbers—above all, they can try to beat themselves! Challenge your class, your team, your student group, or book for the whole school and come test your boundaries.

Ask for more information by filling the reservation request.

Instructor booking

Price: 90 € / max. 3 h

Do you need a couple of alert eyes and quick feet? You will get a professional flowparking adventure instructor along to the courses to mentor and help. According to your wishes, the guide can either climb the tracks with the adventurers or stay on the ground with an all-seeing look. From the safety instructions, you will find the exact number of supervisors needed.

Birthday parties

Young flowparker posing in climbing gear at Flowpark

Birthday adventures for kids and adults!

At Flowpark you will have a memorable birthday party with exciting climbing. Flow parking is a natural thing for all ages—organize 10th, 30th, or 70th birthday celebrations! Ask for more by filling the reservation request.

Adventure birthday package for kids

Price: 40 € / kid
Minimum 6 children

Does your kid enjoy the outdoors? Does he or she have enough courage and power to share with others? If so, Flowpark’s adventure is just the right solution! Adventure birthday last about 3 hours and include:

  • The rent of the equipment (helmet and harness), initial instructions, an adventure and gloves for kids and supervisors
  • T-shirt for the birthday girl or boy
  • Birthday goodies for children: ice cream and soft drinks from our kiosk and pizza, meatballs and wings from RAX
  • Flowpark stickers for participants
  • Instructor booking for 3 hours.

NB! The orderer of the party must provide supervisors for children: 1 adult per 4 kids is included in the package for free. Extra supervisors can join with the normal day ticket price.

Ask for more information by filling the reservation request.

Print the birthday invitations for free!

Bachelor & bachelorette parties

Extreme experiences and outdoing oneself!

Arranging your friends’ bachelor or bachelorette party and searching for an activity that will leave the legs trembling and awaken the senses? Get the gang up to the tree!

Flowparking is an active adventure with fun at its core. On the courses built into the trees, you can search for the inner Tarzan or Jane. Climbing is suitable for the entire stag party, as adventure trails are classified into different difficulty levels—a challenge for both the basic office worker and the wildest bodybuilder. Along with adventure, you improve your coordination, balance, and spirit.

Ask for more information by filling the reservation request.

The last leap to freedom—free-fall jump for the bride/groom

Should the incoming wife perhaps overcome her fears of high places? Or does the future husband have too little courage? Our staff promises to encourage and also wipe out the misconceptions under the helmet of the hero of the day. In addition to flowparking, the hero takes the final leap to freedom and jumps from the top of a 12-meter tree with a free fall device! Ask more about the jump by filling in the reservation request.