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Flowpark Turku

Flowpark Turku

Skanssinkatu 10

20730 Turku

[email protected]

0400 864 862 (during opening hours)

Office (9-16 during weekdays)

Bookings and enquiries

0400 315 181
[email protected]

We try to answer all the phone calls, but sometimes swinging at treetop makes it difficult. If we are not available to take your call, please try your call again later or email us.

How to get to Flowpark Turku

Flowpark is right next to shopping centre Skanssi. The main gate is located at Skanssis’ backyard, next to ”länsiparkki” parking garage. If you arrive from the shopping centre the easiest way is to walk through the restaurant world and out of the glass doors.

By bicycle

There are excellent light transportation lanes to Flowpark from the city centre. Please dont bring your bicycle to the park area – bicycle stands are located next to ”länsiparkki” parking garage. Highly recommended!

By public transport

From the city centre there are good bus connections right to the front of shopping centre Skanssi. Bus routes and timetables can be found from Föli website by entering ”Skanssinkatu 10” as your destination. The journey from city centre takes about 20 minutes.

By car

From Helsinki-Turku highway take exit 4 (Skanssi). Flowpark is located next to länsiparkki parking garage, at the side of ”Skarppakullantie”. The closest parking garage is länsiparkki, from where it’s easy to follow a path straight to the park. The campervan parking lots are located at the side of ”itäparkki” parking garage.