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Flowpark Tampere


Flowpark Varala

Varalankatu 36

33240 Tampere

[email protected]

044 345 0807 (only during opening hours)


Flowpark Varala is located on the grounds of the Varala Sports Institute, on the Pispalanharju Ridge beside Lake Pyhäjärvi. The distance from Flowpark Varala to the centre of Tampere is approximately two kilometres and both the Särkänniemi amusement park and Tampere Hall are found within five kilometres of the park.

Flowpark Varala is surrounded by nature, right next to the city centre! The number of parking spaces at Varala is limited. We recommend arriving at the park by public transport or using your own muscles, as fits the theme. Welcome to Flowpark Varala!

Varala park map

Arriving by bus

Varala is serviced by city bus 25.
The bus runs two to three times per hour.
Line 25: Tahmela–Janka. Bus route: Sammonvaltatie – Itsenäisyydenkatu – Hämeenkatu – Main Library Metso – Hotel Rosendahl – Varala.
The bus stop is located approximately 100 meters from the Railway Station. The stop can be found in front of the Stockmann department store (Please note that the exact location of the bus stop may vary due to the tramway construction.)

Driving Instructions

From the Helsinki–Tampere-motorway
From Vaasa, Pori, Jyväskylä, and Lahti


The amount of parking space at Varala is limited. We recommend using public transport where possible.
You can also park your car outside the gate on Varalankatu.
There is also a strip of sand beside the gate that is designated as a parking area with a traffic sign.
When parking on the street, please ensure that

  • You do not block Varalankatu. Parking is only allowed on the side of the road with the sidewalk.
  • You do not prevent traffic into the yards or hinder turning into the yard of Varala.
  • You do not park on the sidewalk.
  • You use the space with consideration to others.

Parking in front of gates or doors is prohibited in to allow emergency access.

We strongly advise you to not park your car on the side of Pyynikintie or Tahmelantie, even though it may seem like there is plenty of room for parking. This will be considered illegal parking by the city’s parking enforcement and may lead to a parking fine.

Varala area map

Arriving by Charter Bus

The yard at Varala has very limited room for buses. We recommend that charter buses offload their passengers either on Gate A on Varalankatu or during peak times on the bus stop on Pyynikintie, which is only a 100-meter walk from Varala. A regional transport stop is an excellent option, particularly in the wintertime.