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Flowpark Ähtäri Zoo

Park map and services

COVID-19 Advice

Flowpark Ähtäri Zoo follows the existing guidelines formatted by the Finnish institute for health and welfare (THL). Please do not enter the park if you feel ill or have been in a company of someone sick. Take care of your general hygiene by coughing to your sleeve and cleaning your hands regularly. You can find an alcohol-based hand rub from the Flowpark area. Additionally, maintain enough distance between yourself and the other climbers and the staff.

It is advisable to purchase your tickets beforehand from You may also acquaint yourself with, as well as print and pre-fill, the safety instructions before heading to the park. When arriving to the Flowpark, stay in the company of your own group. Please try avoid using cash. It is also possible to inquire an invoice in a case of group reservation.

We highly recommend using gloves during your adventuring. You may purchase a pair from our ticket office or bring your own. Please take the gloves with you when you leave.

Getting equipped with the harness and the helmet is done outdoors with the assistance of the flowstaff. The amount of people participating to the instructing at a time is restricted. It is advised to avoid passing other climbers in the courses. Unless being a part of the same group, it is not allowed to enter a platform or a task element if it is already occupied. The staff disinfects the equipment after every customer.

COVID-19 instructions are valid for the time being and are being updated when necessary (updated 30.5.2020).


Flowpark Ähtäri Zoo map
Light green = Kids’ course (no height requirement)
Green = Easy (minimum height requirement 120 cm)
Blue = Intermediate (minimum height requirement 120 cm)
Red = Difficult (minimum height requirement 150 cm)
Black = Extreme (minimum height requirement 150 cm)

Map of the area

Flowpark Ähtäri Zoo is located in the middle of Southern Ostrobothnia, Central Finland and Pirkanmaa with good traffic connections to all over Finland. You can find Flowpark right next to the entrance of Ähtäri Zoo. Street address: Karhunkierros 150, 63920 Ähtäri.

You can buy tickets from or at the park.

Flowpark Ähtäri Zoo park map - Ähtäri area


You can buy little snacks from the Flowcafé that you can find from the park. Flowcafé provides you with some cold and hot drinks, as well as some snacks.  You can enjoy your own food and snacks in the park as well. For a larger selection of snacks and food, you can visit the Snowpanda House of Ähtäri Zoo.


The easiest way to eat before or after your climbing adventure is to visit the cafés and restaurants in the area. Hotel Mesikämmen has a Á la carte menu as well as a buffet lunch. Snowpanda house’s Café and Deli serves lunch and different meals and some smaller snacks. Ähtäri Zoo Camping and Koskelan Keramiikka are also some good options for dining in the area.


You can find great accommodation opportunities close to Flowpark. Within a kilometre of the park, there is a camping area, a hotel and many cottages, chalets and villas. For more information you can see the links below:

Relaxation and other activities

After your climbing adventure, you can relax in lake Hankavesi or in Hotel Mesikämmen Spa.

Besides Flowpark there are many different activities in the area. You can go fat biking, hiking, canoeing, fishing and golfing in many different ways. There is an 18 hole Ähtäri Golf course, a 6 hole Par3-golf course  (Familygolf ), a 6 hole frisbee golf course (Familygolf) and a minigolf in the camping area. And of course, you can’t forget Ähtäri Zoo and pandas!

You can find further information in the links below: