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Flowpark Ähtäri Zoo

Group events and service packets

Park is open for groups by order from April to November.

Trying to find a different kind of activity for your workgroup? Would you like to bring your class or school climbing? Does your sports club need some new ways to train?

It is possible to organize active adventure days to groups of 10-100 people.

Flowparking suits all kinds of groups. You don’t need any knowledge about climbing beforehand when coming to Flowpark. All customers will be guided to move on the tracks and to use the equipment. During the adventure you can develop team spirit, coordination skills, encourage friends and test your own limits! Flowpark is a place where you can have fun!

Ask for an offer [email protected]

Flowpark goes Zoo

Are you interested in a fast-paced experience with a view of the Ähtäri Zoo. Flowpark goes Zoo offer an adventure differ from traditional climbing. In the 2021 Flowpark Ähtäri Zoo in a collaboration with Ähtäri Zoo opened two courses, Panda and Bear course.

The adventure begins from the Flowpark side and follow up to the Ähtäri Zoo. This journey includes necessary equipment (harness and helmet) with a comprehensive guidance on safe movement on the courses. An instructor who knows the special features of the courses moves along the courses with the group. Zoo-courses can be done in less time than traditional Flowpark.

Book your own adventure to the most exciting ziplines of the Flowpark from [email protected] and ask for an offer. You can combine Zoo-courses with other Flowpark services. It is possible to organize group events up to 100 people, there is no minimum group size.

Bachelor/Bachelorette party

Extreme experiences and excel yourself!

At the Flowpark the bachelor/ bachelorette party group can find a true adventure. Even the wildest of monkeys can find challenges on the highest trails. Flowparking is your way to test how to be Tarzan or Jane!

Ask for an offer [email protected]

Good to know:

  • Schedule at least 2 to 3 hours for Flowparking
  • Climbing is forbidden under the influence of alcohol. It is not allowed to drink alcoholic drinks in the area of Flowpark.   
  • We recommend reading through the safety instructions beforehand.
  • It is possible to have an adventure even if it is raining

Birthday party

Have a birthday adventure in Flowpark!

Celebrate unforgettable birthday parties in Flowpark!  Have fun while doing sport adventure! Flowparking suits everyone over the age of seven!

Ask for an offer [email protected]

School class trip

Different kind of challenge needed in the class?

Flowpark is an ecological adventure park where you can test your courage in numerous different trails. Flowpark is a place where the driving force of the action is the person him- or herself. An adventure full of exercise develops your coordination, balance and raises the class spirit. Climbing trails of various levels, built on the trees, at the height of even 20 meters, ensure that monkeys of all levels find enough challenges, and above all, everyone can conquer him- or herself!

Ask for an offer [email protected] and reserve an unforgettable adventure for your class.

Worth knowing

  • You should reserve at least 2 to 3 hours for Flowparking
  • A person under the age of 14 must be accompanied in the park with an adult supervisor: in case of 7-9-year-old children, an adult must climb with them on the trails; for 10-13-year-old children, it is enough that an adult supervises them on the ground. One adult may be responsible for four children.
  • You should become familiar with the safety instructions you’ll find on our website in advance. In the case of minors, the supervisor must also become familiar with the instructions and grant the child or a young person a permit to participate in the adventure.
  • You need to take along outdoor wear suitable for the weather, proper shoes and adventure spirit
  • You can enjoy your adventure even in rainy weather

Private occasions

Private occasions and events according to your wishes!

Rent the entire adventure park with its staff for your own use! Organize a relaxed and unforgettable occasion for your customers or other interest groups in an ecological manner, close to the city, located within good traffic connections. The price of a private occasion depends on the point of time. There’s enough space for 100 people adventuring at the same time.

Ask for more information and an offer [email protected].

Other groups

Park is open for groups by order from the beginning of April until the end of November.

Flowparking is at its best when you do it together. An essential part of the adventure is to encourage, spur and cheer others. Doing things together and enjoying outdoor air creates team spirit and stimulates your mind. Challenge yourself and your friends!

What kind of group occasion would you like to organize? Contact us at [email protected], and we’ll help you to develop an unforgettable adventure day just for your group!

These kinds of groups have for instance enjoyed their stay in Flowpark:

  • Not so ordinary Christmas parties
  • All family adventuring – family celebration in Flowpark
  • Varying exercise for sports clubs
  • Closing or opening celebration of a season for organizations
  • Active enjoying of outdoor air for scouts
  • Challenges for groups of friends
  • Exercise-filled action for students’ organizations
  • Those who need therapy and rehabilitation
  • Special groups